Dietitians are healthcare professionals who specialize in designing and implementing personalized dietary plans for individuals and populations. They work in various settings, including hospitals, institutions, and private practices, to develop and supervise therapeutic diets, provide nutrition education, and oversee food preparation and purchasing. The goal of dietitians is to promote optimal nutritional health, correct deficiencies, prevent diseases, and enhance the body's ability to metabolize nutrients. They also contribute to the development of effective health policies and encourage healthy habits. In healthcare facilities, dietitians lead the food and nutrition department, which provides meals and diet education to patients, staff, and visitors, aiming to maintain good nutritional status, prevent complications, and support overall well-being.


Minu Elezabeth Mathew

Senior Dietician

Msc(Food & Nutriton)



Msc (Food &Nutriton)

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Paalana is a humanitarian social development project of the Malabar Medical Mission, nurtured and nourished by 13 indigenous catholic groupsĀ 

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